Moving Prague

Moving Prague

For over 8 years, we have been providing all sorts of moving services in Prague, the Czech Republic and the EU. We can secure the boxes and wrapping material. All orders are insured. High-quality vehicle fleet. We have over 8 years of experience and a physically capable team. We take pride in honesty, politeness and professionalism. We are ready to move your order as well quickly and effectively.

Proč zvolit právě nás?

  • Kilometry po Praze zdarma.

  • Patra bez příplatků.

  • Zdarma zapůjčení krabic.

  • Svátky a víkendy bez příplatků.

  • Montáž a demontáž v ceně.

  • Kompletní zajištění obalového materiálu.

  • Prohlídka technikem zdarma.

  • Pojištění vašich věcí.

  • Ekologická likvidace starých věcí.

  • Spolehlivý vozový park

  • We speak english

  • Stabilní zkušený tým.
Vozidlo 2 pracovníci 3 pracovníci 4 pracovníci km v Praze km mimo Prahu
22 m3  1000 Kč / hod 1300 Kč / hod 1600 Kč / hod zdarma 16 Kč / km
28 m3  1100 Kč / hod 1400 Kč / hod 1700 Kč / hod zdarma 18 Kč / km
44 m3 1400 Kč / hod1700 Kč / hod2000 Kč / hodzdarma28 Kč / km

How to order moving in Prague, the Czech Republic and the EU ?    

The best way to order our services or to inform yourselves is to call us at +420 727 943 277. You can call us from 8:00 to 20:00 every day, weekend included. You can also send us photos directly on e-mail or WhatsApp and we shall contact you immediately.

How many workers and which vehicle size to select?

Several factors influence the correct choice of the number of workers and the vehicle size. Therefore, we shall propose the vehicle size and the number of workers ourselves, following the parameters of your order. For majority of orders, we use a vehicle with a 22m3 space and 2 workers for 900 Kč/hour.

What happens on the moving day?

> We arrive at the agreed time on the address and begin with the assembly/collection, wrapping and packaging the furniture and moving.

> We load everything safely on our vehicle and transport it to the place of unloading.

> We place all the things precisely on the determined space, unpack and assemble them. 

> We do everything that is needed and after we are done, we take the wrapping material with us

How is the final price in Prague calculated?

The precise final price is calculated via a formula based on the vehicle size and the number of workers after the moving based on the real time duration of the moving. Further, we figure in the consumption of a wrapping material, kilometres outside Prague and surcharges for heavy loads (100 kg+). Hourly rate is the same for all activity types (moving, packing, transport time, assemblies, cleaning).

We secure the needed assembly and disassembly of your furniture

Our crew is always equipped with all the necessary tools for furniture assembly. No surcharges for assembly.

We secure all the cleaning services and transport on the collection yard.

> We clean all your useless/redundant things and transport them to the collection yard, where we sort and liquidate them ecologically.

We use high-quality wrapping material for moving for the best protection of your things 

> We use special moving stregh plastic films, bubble wrap, plastic bags, boxes, clothes boxes and blankets. We always take with us all types of wrapping materials for moving in our cars.

We are happy to lend boxes out to you for FREE

If you need boxes for moving, then we can bring them to you within Prague for 500 Kč or you can pick them up for free at the address: Mendelova 11, Praha 4, 149 00.

We move even heavy loads like pianos, american fridges or safes in Prague, the Czech Republic and the EU

We can safely move even heavy loads up to the weight of 500 kg. We have muscles, equipment and experience. Moving Prague – this is our specialisation. 

Do you need to store your things in Prague?

We can secure short- and long- term rent for you in the most modern storehouses in Prague, with all store spaces air-conditioned, equipped with cameras and with a 24h access. The store spaces are located throughout Prague.

A proven way to choose a high-quality moving company is to look at real experience of customers. Have a look at what our customers have to say about our services.



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